Financial Support & Incentives

Reimbursement for Rural Residency Rotations

With the expiration of grant funds to support the Rural Training Track Technical Assistance Program, financial support for rural residency rotations and medical student interviews is no longer available.

Other Opportunities

Loan repayment programs are available for health care providers practicing in rural and underserved areas. Some programs give directly to the student, resident or practitioner. Others give to training programs or health care systems, which then provide funds to students, residents or practitioners as recruitment and retention tools.

There are also grants and scholarships available. To see if you qualify for federal financial aid, submit a free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form.

Here are more resources with financial information:

Some communities looking for physicians offer financial assistance while still in training. 3RNet is a website for exploring existing practice opportunities, as well as researching loan guarantees and grants that may be available.

3RNet – Rural Recruitment and Retention